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The Database and Application Fundamentals - Academic Initiative by IBM

latest mailing databaseOne of IBM�s latest tests would be the 000-302 which more commonly known as the DB29 Database and Application Fundamentals - Academic Initiative.
This test can only taken be via the Academic Initiative Program and isn�t available at any Authorized Prometric Testing Centres. There are currently two versions to the test, the 302 and the 302A. The 302 version was released in December 2010, whilst the 302A was released in July 2011.

There are 9 sections to this test and each carries their own percentages which sum up to 100%. The first section would be Relational Database Concepts and weighs 12% of the test. You must exhibit your understanding of the designs of Data, Data Model and Information Model.

You must also prove your knowledge on Database Managements Systems and its advantages. The next section carries 20% of the test and is called Introduction to DB2 and Data Studio 000-302 questions. You will be asked to explain everything and anything you know about DB2 such as the different versions of DB2, the administrative tools and data movement tools used and etc.

The third section�s topic is working with SQL and Database Objects and like the second section, this part also carries 20%. To prepare for this part, you have to be familiar with basic characteristics of DB2 objects and you must be able to use DDL SQL statement to create, edit and delete.

The fourth section takes up 8% of the test is called Date Concurrency and Locking where you will be tested on transaction knowledge and the Acid properties. The following section is also 8% of the exam and is known as Database Security. You must depict the DB2 authorization and authentication methods plus your knowledge on Label-Based Access Controls.

The sixth section and please bear with me, I�m almost done, is the DB2 Backup and Recovery section which weighs 8%. You will be required to demonstrate the types of DB2 logging plus the recovery operations of DB2. The following section carries 7% and is entitled DB2pureXML.

All you�ve to do here is prove that you understand XML, XPath and XLST and how these three technologies are connected. The final two sections are DB2 Application Development which weighs 12% and Troubleshooting which weighs a mere 2%.
Once you�ve covered all of the 9 topics above, you should find this test simple and constructive.

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4D Database Development Services

4D database development services is a unified platform performing varied tasks.
It is an integrated development platform that helps in creating & distributing professional applications. 4D database services can elevate the applications and brings in all sorts of functionalities to expand multiple platforms like the web, Rich Internet applications and smartphones.

4D Database services incorporates a multitude of standards that works with existing technologies and gets benefited with the latest trends. Offshore 4D Database services are easy to implement, ensures complete integration, is very productive, open standard, facilitates easy maintenance and is cross-platform compatible.
4D Client-Server Application is the most robust database application development platform available today. 4D client server integration is a powerful relational database which can run both on mac and windows. 4D database development services guarantees optimized client access management by using powerful client/server processes.

Administrative tasks, such as backup or memory optimization, are handled automatically from the server by 4D application development services. 4D servers can communicate with external databases as easily as with Web services on any platform or applications.
Mindfire Solutions is one of the leading 4D database development company. Mindfire Solutions' team of 4D developers provides expert 4D development services in multiple areas and platforms. We have executed various 4D development projects in varying industries like 4D development for the Healthcare Industry, 4D business system development for small business.

You can view our sample projects in our outsource 4D database development page. The services provided by us in offshore 4D database development services are 4D desktop / client-server application development, 4D custom application development, 4D rich internet application development services, 4D consulting and programming services, 4D porting and migration services, 4D software maintenance and support services & 4D QA and testing services.

Mindfire Solutions is the ultimate destination to hire offshore 4D programmers/Developers. You get the benefit of most flexible hours of working, affordable cost, experienced 4D developers and time savvy benefits. We have a highly experienced team of dedicated outsource 4D database developers with years of experience in 4D database Development services.

We also have 100 hours risk free trial* for new clients.

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media database

In todays world where the competition is intense, the circumstances are already tough as it is, new competitors are arising, making life difficult for businesses, asking them to come up with fast and economical marketing strategies, which would enable them to embark on a war of advertisments, hence the implementation and counter implementation of marketing message and public relations message needs to be done in the fastest possible manner and that too in the most economicall of ways, as continous advertisment in the orthodox ways would lead companies to bankruptcy, therefore companies need to come up with a different tool to have their marketing message distributed to the masses in the most economical of ways.

So the best solution to this dilema is that companies should incorporate making press releases into their marketing strategies. A press release is any newsworthy statement which is written or recorded and distributed to various media professionals in a bid to gain publicity for a product, upcoming event, a company or a highprofile personality.
The publicity is gained once the press release gets selected by the media journalist and he chooses to work upon the news release and writes an article which gets published in a magzine or a newspaper or it can cause the journalist to conduct an interview, or make a news package which gets aired on various channels.

For a media release to be very effective one has to make sure that he knows and has identified his target market hence this would enable him to choose the right journalists to whom he has his media release distributed to. A person can choose a journalist by going into the media database of a news wire service provider.
A media database is a collection of media professionals, containing their informatinon both general and professional.
Apart from this journalists in a media database are divided according to the area which they work in, the type of stories that they cover within a genre e.g if a reporter is a movie critique than he would be again segregated as to what sort of genre does he covers, whether horror, comedy e.t.c All this segregation helps in better organization and helps the newswire agencies as well as the author of the PR to be more specific and correct while sending out PR�s.

Media Database softwares, enable a person to either focus on a few media professionals or even a specific journalist. Keeping the information provided the client can use them to apply filters, as to what class or type of journalist should the press release be sent out, making the distribution of the press release efficient.

The emergence of media database has revolutionized the process of PR distribution as it has made it far more efficient and has enabled people to send out countless PR�s to media professionals all over the world. Opening up new doors for business, providing them excess to new markets, customers, partnerships.

Helping people to march on new ventures, by helping them in the process of spreading their marketing message the world over.

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Access Database Design

The primary thing you must do when looking at Access database design is to break down your information into different data. For instance in an invoicing scheme you are going to have to accumulate information on clients, invoices, delivery, payment, products, orders etc. These stand for individual particulars and will have sole properties. A client may have a name and address. An order should have an order number, date of order and many others. Different particulars will be stored in what are named as tables. You would have a table for customer, invoice and many more. You also require a way to connect these tables or particulars together and this is completed with something known as keys. An order might be connected to a client via a client id key field.

The most excellent method is to test with breaking down particulars and connecting. It is significant that this step is completed properly as it could impact your database very much if there are problems. Picture only being capable to connect a solitary order to a customer when in actuality that client could have a lot of instructions. These problems must be ironed out during the Access database design stage.

Do you desire the system to mechanically delete related records or would you like to manage this manually yourself. There are cons and pros to doing this. It is likely to put the MS Access database to do what is called as cascading deletes. Essentially if you eliminate a client then this would eliminate all their relating orders. You might wish to keep the commands and have additional control over this procedure.

In Access you have the aptitude to make a major form which will show a solitary record. You can also make an MS Access sub form which would show multiple records. You would require tables for both these forms and a method of connecting them jointly. A good instance of a major and sub form is a client and order. One client would be shown as a solitary record in the major form and a lot of orders shown in the connected MS Access sub form. A particular important feature of Access database design is that you must not have repeating information. For instance you would not want to stock up numerous instances of a national assurance number or even the full name of an individual

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Database driven websites

This is the information age and there are now millions of websites on the internet.The vast majority of these are "static" websites - many impressive in design and looks. Like the glossy magazines in the newsagent they look great but do not actually "do" very much. Static sites have had their day and the next phase is data driven websites!

Data driven websites use a database such as Microsoft's SQL Server or MySQL (or others) to store the data, code pages such as C#, VisualBasic or Perl to crunch the data and HTML to display it in a user friendly interface. Examples of some data driven websites are Amazon (online store), eBay (auction site), Howrse (horse trading game) and Basecamp (project management). These all allow you to do things like register, log in and send messages and make purchases. These are enormous sites that have taken years and millions of dollars to develop.

But it's not just the mega-companies that have data driven websites - even the smallest companies are now using the web to provide information in real time to their customers, suppliers and the public. This is generally being done by using 3rd party websites which allow you to set up an accounts on their website and then incorporate that functionality into your website. Web developers often use "smoke and mirrors" to subtly transfer us from one website to another without our knowledge. This is all done through the clever use of matching colors, fonts and common banners.

Web Applications

Organizations are also increasingly moving their computer systems on to the web - these are also called web applications or web based applications s well as data driven websites. As computer systems are being replaced we have been moving away from the client server model (a Windows or Mac application and a centralized database). Instead most development is using a web based model where all that the user needs is a browser. There are many advantages, especially with the proliferation of iPhones, Android and Windows CE handsets.

* Easier deployment (no need to send to each and every user)

* Centralized data and application

* Very thin client - no need for processing power at the user end

* Easy access - from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

With web applications or we can access our data when we want to using a variety of devices... no longer are we tied to the desk.

Content Management

Not only can we access the data from where anywhere we can also change it and update it whenever and wherever. Most data driven websites include a CMS (Contact Management System) that allows you to edit the textual or visual content in real time. No special skills or technology required - just log in and click on an edit icon to start editing - update the news or fix up the homepage there and then.

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Perl Database Programming

latest mailing databasePerl stands for "Practical Extraction and Report Language".
Perl has enjoyed recent popularity for programming World Wide Web electronic forms and generally as glue and gateway between systems, databases, and users. Perl Database Programming is an open standard application programming interface (API) that provides database access for client applications written in Perl.
It is a beautiful language that combines the best features from many other languages and is very easy to learn if you approach it properly. Perl Database Programming language is a simple yet powerful programming language. It is used widely by programmers for a variety of purposes.

Perl programming language provides solid text-processing tools, graphics programming, system and network administration, database access and CGI access via websites. Perl is an interpreted programming language known for its power and flexibility. Perl database programming language is easy to use, efficient and complete.
The best features of Perl application development services are its ease of use, supports both procedural and object-oriented (OO) programming, has powerful built-in support for text processing, and has one of the world's most impressive collections of third-party modules.

Perl is known for its powerful text manipulation features. Many web specialists, when involved in rapid application development, take advantage of the Perl language in order to provide deliverables in a short period. Perl ensures reusable modular structure and supports an array of third-party modules, which also facilitates rapid application development process.
You should outsource your Perl application development services to the right outsourcing partner. The third party service provider should be able to provide you cost effective Perl database application services within your time frame and budget. Mindfire Solutions a 12 year old software development firm had deep experience in Perl database programming services.

Mindfire have executed numerous projects in the past in Perl database programming services. Please browse through our offshore Perl Application development projects page for more details.
Mindfire Solutions provides a range of services in offshore Perl application development services. The services offered by us are Perl Custom application development services, Perl Web-based application development services, Perl Webservice development services, Perl Software and Script development services, Perl Database application development services, Perl CMS development Services, Perl Software support and maintenance, Perl Integration Services & Perl QA/testing services.

Mindfire Solutions is the ultimate destination to hire dedicated offshore Perl programmers and developers. You get the benefit of most flexible hours of working, affordable cost, experienced Perl application development consultants and time savvy benefits.

We have a highly experienced team of dedicated outsource Perl Developers with years of experience in Offshore Perl application development services. We also have 100 hours risk free trial* for new clients.

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Improvement database integration

Improvement Data source providers is really a company encoding vocabulary that is works well for the introduction of first class company programs.

Improvement encoding providers evolves computer programs which enables the actual customers in order to significantly increase their improvement requirements, implementation, plug-in as well as control over high quality data source programs globally. The foundation associated with Improvement software programs are Information Vocabulary that was launched within middle Eighties.

Through the middle Nineties Improvement experienced set up a worldwide user profile as well as obtained apptivity, that allow Improvement provide resources with regard to creating Java-based programs. Data source improvement providers is an extremely essential requirement associated with business competition. Because the company develops, the standard as well as responsiveness associated with data source programs have to taken care of to possess elevated share of the market.

The field of data source software is continually developing as well as deal by using it the actual business should have resources to simply handle the actual masterpieces, implementation as well as plug-in of recent programs. With regard to top businesses world wide, Improvement database integration supplies a exceptional device with regard to data source administration. Improvement software program improvement providers is really a leader within Software enablement and it has right now launched sophisticated cloud-enablement providers that can help businesses set up company programs as well as plug-in associated with providers within the Impair.

Improvement database integration is really a total Software system. It's a open public clod national infrastructure sand-box. Improvement database integration is an extremely obtainable as well as inexpensive atmosphere with regard to data source programs. The actual Improvement Game website includes the important thing elements essential to make sure set up the cloud-based software, guidelines as well as helpful information on execution, and more importantly, a worldwide creator neighborhood with regard to discussing suggestions as well as encounters.

These days, item focused directories perform an ever more natural part because businesses create methods as well as national infrastructure to cope with more complicated information needs. Improvement database integration providers has an efficient technique for controlling information submission. Improvement data source administration providers is really a software program that gives along with scalability, pace, dependability in order to contend in the current real-time atmosphere.

The actual industries which are taken advantage of Improvement data source software providers tend to be monetary field, list, strategies, e-commerce, telecoms and so on. This particular inlayed data source supplies a dependable, transactional continual data source administration program that simply fulfills their own improvement requirements.
The very best options that come with data source administration providers tend to be this links in order to current business data source methods as well as provides information in order to customers from in-memory pace through caching information within the middle-tier.

Additionally enables several customers as well as applications to gain access to increase an enormous data source where safeguarding the actual bodily as well as reasonable ethics from the information. Additionally, it directs and gaze after element information caches having a nearby storage cache administration plan which allows for caching of huge data source datasets close to the applying that requires all of them.

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Database Designs Explained

Web Development in Dubai: A well-designed database gives you access to updated and accurate information. Because good design is essential to achieve your objectives with a database that invest the time needed to learn the principles of good design sense.

Ultimately, you are much more likely to end up with a database that meets your needs and can easily adapt to change.
Some principles to guide the design process database. The first principle is that duplicate information also called redundant data is bad because it wastes space and increases the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies. The second principle is that the accuracy and completeness of the information is important.

If your database contains incorrect information, reports to extract information from the database also contains incorrect information. Consequently, all the decisions that are based on these reports will be misinformed.
A good database design is, therefore, one that:
* Divide your information into thematic panels to reduce redundant data.
* Provides access to information needed to join data tables, and where appropriate.
* Help and support to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information.

* Capacity for data processing and reporting.
The design process comprises the following steps:
* Determine the purpose of your database that helps you prepare for the remaining steps.
* Locate and organize information necessary to collect all the data types you might want to save the database, such as product name and serial number.
* Share your knowledge of objects larger units or themes, such as products or orders. Each topic will then table.
* Turn the contents of the columns to determine what information you want to store in each table. Each theme will be a field and is presented as a column in the table. For example, an Employees table includes fields such as name, date of hire.

* Specify primary keys Select the primary key of each table. The primary key is a column that is used to uniquely identify each row. An example could be produced for identification or identification of the order.
* See the table in relation to any table and decide how the data in a table refers to data from other tables. Add fields to tables or create new tables, if necessary, clarify the relationship.
* Refine your design Analyze your design error. Create tables and add a few lines of sample data. See if you can get the results you want from your tables. Make changes to the design as needed.

* Apply normalization enforces standards of data to see if your tables are structured. Make adjustments to the tables as necessary.
Carefully thought-out database forms the basis for planning for future success. These links will help you plan your database designs to maintain performance and integrity of future growth.
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Developing database driven websites

With the advancement of technology and continuous change in our daily life, it has been a mandatory now a day to build a database driven website. This type of website is not only capable of being updated in a short time but also it provides you a very convenient way to change the full design of your website just in a day.

Now a day, most of the websites follow a method of changing their website design after every 1-3 years. Again they regularly update their contents by adding new documents like articles, pictures, press releases and so on. The companies often find many new possibilities for them and then add many extra features in their websites to serve their customers. But if their website is developed using the traditional HTML coding without the use of database, then all the above possibilities become very hard to implement.

Actually, in HTML coding, it needs a series of files to be created to build a single website. Again these files need to have their contained documents in it. Thus in such static pages, images, documents, contents and design are intertwined. Whenever a user wants to view a HTML page, the whole page is transferred to the visitor�s browser with all the contents as if they are viewing the page just from their hard disk. Again, if the web site contains 25 pages as for example, then the designer needs to write design coding for each page to redesign the website. He needs to add the documents, images and all the other contents to match the design. Thus the cost becomes really very much bigger. In the other hand, suppose for a news site, if you don�t have a database, then you need to write the news documents separately for each page whenever you want to update the page. And you also need to write them as such, so that they meet the design. This is really a robust work, isn�t it?

In the other hand, for a database driven website, the designer or programmer would build a table containing the product description in the database of the website. The table may contain columns with related information about the product line such as product name, product identification number, price, product size, product weight, availability, image, description and so on. Now the programmer just creates the template file to represent the information from the table in a stylish way. Actually this template file contains the structure of the webpage, its design, navigation system, placement for the representing data and images and so on. Thus it shows the browser how the data is to be represented. And thus when a user wants to visit the page, the browser downloads the template and the template grabs associated data for the specific product. And thus it allows you to update and enrich your information and to change the entire design in a very simple and effective way. You just need to update the database to enrich the contents of the webpage. And if you want to change the design, then you only need to change the template rather changing the else data or the other coding.

Database driven website is actually the need of modern technology. To keep pace with the modern changing technology, it�s a must. And with all its features, it is really very useful in the modern internet.

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Server benefits' in your database

The term server is used to submit to one of the following things; that is:

A computer program running to serve the needs or requirements of other programs (referred to in this context as clients) which may or may not be running on the equivalent computer.

A physical computer committed to running one or more such services, to serve the needs of programs running on other computers on the same network.

A software/hardware system (i.e. a software service running on a keen computer) such as a database server, file server, print server and mail server.

In computer networking, a server is an agenda that operates as a socket listener. The term server is also often comprehensive to describe a host that is deployed to implement one or more such programs.
A server computer is a computer or series of computers, which associates other computers or electronic devices together. They often provide necessary services across a network, either to private users inside a large organization or to public users via the internet.
Many servers have dedicated functionality such as print servers and web servers, and database servers. Enterprise servers are servers that are used in a business background.
Now let's see the useful benefits of server computing:-
Dispensationing power, memory, and other system resources can be enthusiastically exclusively to your databases, which often take up more resources than other services.
It will add another sheet of security by having your data on a separate machine from your web server. If someone finds a way to take advantage of the web server through a script, they still may not be able to entr�e your databases.
You can run backups and other resource-intense activities without unswervingly affecting the performance of the web server. You can run the two servers from different locations and still have the same functionality. You can add more database servers on web servers separately, depending on your disk space vs. bandwidth necessities.

There are many profits to consolidating the number of Windows servers in your surroundings by taking benefits of the many different servers' virtualization products (that is Windows Virtual Server) on the souk. Well there are two virtualizations, server virtualization and desktop virtualization. These include:
Minor number of physical servers - you can diminish hardware preservation costs because of a lower number of physical servers.
By implementing a server consolidation tactics, you can increase the liberty utilization efficiency in your data hub.

By having each claim within its own "virtual server" you can put off one application from impacting another application when upgrades or changes are made.

You can expand or develop a typical, standard virtual server build that can be easily duplicated which will speed up server consumption.

You can deploy numerous operating system technologies on a single hardware platform (that is window server virtualization, Linux, Windows 2000, etc).
By taking advantage of server virtualization you can easily perk up or improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your Windows Data Center, as well as minor your cost of possession.

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About free software database

Software database is an exhaustive collection of software at one place.
There are many websites, which host a free software database, with all the user software for download. One can enter these websites and download the software of their choice from the website. The exhaustive database of software is well arranged according to their category.
For example, there are different types of software such as performance enhancements software, anti-viruses, music software, business software and others depending on the requirements. These categories of software are well arranged. Apart from the arrangement of the software according to the categories, the websites also offer the users with tools to easily avail the software, which suits their requirements.

There are a large number of people downloading the software from these websites. Thus, a list of the top downloads under the category of games, anti virus, applications and others are listed on the website. This makes the selection easy. The software among the top downloads could belong to any category.
The latest additions to the website software database are also listed to keep you aware of the new software. This would provide the user with a better exposure to the latest software. The software is updated on a regular basis, and the latest updates are available in the software database websites.

An option to download the previous updates of software apart from the latest updates is also available.
Complete detail about particular software is mentioned in the free software database.. When the user clicks on software, the rating of the software along with its brief description is mentioned. The description would define the functions of the software and its benefits offered by the software.
The features of the latest updates made to the software are clearly mentioned in the software database website. Other details mentioned about the software in the software database include the publisher name, the size of the file, system requirements for the software.

Thus, downloading software is made easy with the software databases. A few software available on the software database are either available for a trail or in full versions.

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Database Testing - Basic Overview

Database is essentially a global input variable to your code. It is also the inevitable part of the software application. Database testing is an important factor for testing any application. Basically it is used to check the values extracted from the tables of a web based or desktop application. The purpose of database testing is to check or to verify the data that are inserted in the application through any command.

Database testing is very important in a testing cycle of a tester. The tester should know the table names and be able to understand and tweak the procedure, triggers and the functions to verify the exact conditions of the database. Applications are interconnected with the database either by the SQL or Oracle. Database tests are supported via ODBC using the following functions:

- SQLOpen,
- SQLClose,
- SQLError,
- SQLRetrieve,
- SQLRetrieveToFile,
- SQLExecQuery,
- SQLGetSchema
- SQLRequest.

Database Testing basically include the following:

- Database Validating testing
- Data Integrating testing
- Performance related to the database.
- Testing of the procedures, triggers and functions.

Below are the points to take care while doing the database testing:

- Domain knowledge. The tester should identify the back-end platform that is being used.
- Be able to write the queries
- Explore the tables.
- Need to set up test data in more than two tables to get reasonable initial data for the methods you want to test the data.

What to test in database testing

- Check and verify all the functionality, which is happening on each and every action, performed in the application. The action can be anything like inserting the record, deleting the record, saving updating. Need to verify that the added or the value we insert in the record should be properly inserted in to the database with the correct values. If we delete the record than the record should be deleted from the database also. Same way updating any record should reflect the record in the database also.
- Since the business rules are getting more complex due to business logic, the tester have to make sure that the values have been added correctly after the implementation of the business rules.
- Checking the integrity of UI data with database data.
- Checking whether any junk data is displaying in UI other than stored in database.
- Checking the execution of stored procedures with the input values taken from the database tables.
- Checking the data migration
- Execution of jobs if any

Stages of database testing

- Setup the environment
- Exercise system under test
- Check and verify the outcomes

Testing the database requires you to hook into at least the setup and teardown to clean up and write the require fixture data into your tables.

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Email marketing is a form of direct marketing, which uses the electronic mails as means of communicating commercial or fund raising messages to an audience. In a broadest sense, every email is sent to current or potential customer and that could be considered as Email marketing. This helps in growing business better and increase in clients.
When you buy email list, which are widely available, for your email marketing campaign should take time out to consider the effectiveness of such a venture before simply firing out newsletters and promotions to all and sundry. Email advertising can be a very effectual means of promoting goods and services to a large audience, but mere size of distribution does not necessarily bring the positive and best results. It is important when you buy email list, particularly some free mailing lists, because some can be very outdated and not related to subject. Addresses that were compiled some time ago will probably not promote the best response and you could be looking at a very poor conversion rate with respect to anyone even opening them. It is obviously clear that targeting a large audience with a leaning towards the subject matter you are dealing in will have a much better chance of creating interest in your product or service.

buy email listGetting an email address can be very easy. So, make sure you do have permission to start sending information before you put them on your email list. There are a few reasons to do this, for one, it tends to upset many people when they start getting email they did not even request. So, give your list and readers the more valuable information, so that they have reasons to open and the emails you send.

Productive emailing lists should meet certain prerequisites to attain the best and positive results. Email marketing usually has a low response rate from the total number of issues. If you want the repeated customers then put the important links multiple times. By doing this, readers will see the link and have more motivation to visit it. This has been tested multiple times and has been shown to enhance link visitation frequency from email messages.

Trying to build an email list and sending out large quantities of email can be done manually, but it's a lot of work. To save time and effort you can use one of the existing services that help people organize and maintain email lists. Another thing is having the capability of constant contact does to send out broadcast messages to every user simultaneously at a specific time and date.

Using these tools like this can save valuable time and effort, but will cost a lot of money. Putting together a solid email marketing campaign will keep repeated communication with your customers so they are more aware of you and do not forget you. Making it something they want to read will help build the relationship and help in increasing the rate of sales for things you may offer to your list. By doing all these tasks, you have a great chance for multiple sales from several members on your list, for years to come.

How to Choose the Right Opt In Email List?

An opt in email list is a collection of contact information for individuals who have indicated their interest in the industry or category for which the list is created. As such, you can imagine just how valuable such a list would be to your marketing department. As a tool that can facilitate a direct line of communication between your brand and the people who are most likely to support it (as they have already indicated an interest in your company's industry or product), the right email list can boost the success of your marketing department's promotional activities. But the key to incorporating such a list into your marketing strategy effectively lies in choosing the right list for individual campaigns.

Picking the Right Category:
Email lists are sold by category. Most often, these categories are based on industries. For instance, you might find lists that offer the contact information for doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, or writers. Additionally, you might discover that lists are available to you that are organized not by the field in which the consumers work, but by the industries in which they are listed (i.e. women's interest, automotive, etc.). As such, it is crucial to think about which list will best serve the needs of your marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that the list you buy is not something that will last forever. Email addresses are constantly changing and the focus of your marketing efforts may shift. As such, don't be afraid to invest in a list that is really specific based upon the campaign you are about to launch.

Understanding the Scope of Your Campaign:
Email lists come in all sizes, ranging from shorter collections of hundreds of contacts to large tomes bearing thousands. As such, it is important for you to determine how many contacts will best fit the needs of your marketing campaign. Think about the size of your company and how many orders you can fill. If you are a startup, you might begin with a list of, say, a thousand contacts. If you run a large business, a list with ten thousand contacts may better serve your needs. Just make sure that your organization can handle the surge in business that it anticipates based on the number of emails you send out.

By choosing to incorporate an opt in email list into your company's promotional activities, you can spread the word about your brand and better reach the consumers that your marketing materials are targeting. While it is true that an email list is a bit of an investment, it is also true that it can be extremely worthwhile if your efforts are successful. Just remember that choosing the right email list is essential to the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

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Doctor Email List-Way for Marketing

To organize and increase the marketing needs of this fast growing world the most important thing which connect the world and bring the people from all the corners of the world is web. The mostly use and trusted part of the web is the Email list. The Email list is used in the wide range all over the world to promote the marketing and making people aware of the happenings in the world.

Earlier it used to take a very long time to get in contact with your near and dear ones, but now it's just a click away to get in touch with them. There are many organizations and communities which are using the Email list very widely to promote their products and getting a huge profit out of it.

There are many Emails list generated these days, but out of those the one which is very important to the people all over the world, regardless of age, caste, creed etc is the Doctor Email list.

There are many organizations which needs these Doctors Email list for the promotion of their products. The main feature which Doctor Email list should consists is:

* Doctor email address
* Doctor name
* Business and mailing addresses
* Use of Electronic Medical Records
* Doctor phone number
* Doctor and practice specialty
* Medical group/health system/hospital affiliation
* Doctor prescribing data

The database which contains the above mentioned information should be updated regularly after an equal interval of time, these data very precious and should be kept and stored with the great care so that it does not get into wrong hands and in the hands of intruders.

Specialty, Title, Email Address, Full Name, First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, Fax Number, Web Address, Hospital Clinic, Miscode, ZIP Type, City Type, County Fips, State Name, STATEFIPs, TIME Zone, UTC, Latitude, Longitude, Address, City, Country, State, ZIP Code are very important constituents of a Doctor Email address.

Doctors and physicians are the most trusted persons and they can very well handle the task of buying the most unique and the advantageous products for the hospitals or the organizations.

Firstly the main target of the Email Address list is that it is based on the geography and the position of the personals. I f the case is that the products like medicine etc are to be promoted in the specific area or the region, firstly the Doctor Email Lists of that area is been targeted and kept into consideration.

The economical savings is the major advantage one receives when it is the case of buying the products through a Doctor because they are the most responsible assets of the countries.


The Doctor Email List is most important part of the today's web world, since they make the promotion and the marketing business a very easy task. The Email Address list is very easy to reach and go easier way to reach the world every corner and it's a very economical way to reach the world.

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Emailing is the best option for internet marketing

The Internet has changed the world and its access has given many conveniences at our fingertips. This has given rise to online marketing through emails. There are a number of ways to tap into this market and one such option is to Buy Email Lists. It is an inexpensive and efficient way to do marketing using email address list. Before you buy email list you have remember to check doctor email list. Doctor email list are a lists of a number of potential customers that are stored somewhere. Sometimes these email lists are accurate and sometimes there are errors in the email address list. If the email list is not error free the messages are never delivered.

Check the email list before you buy.

Messages to unfiltered email boxes never reach the targeted recipients. Sometimes the participants are no longer using the email addresses which are not filtered. These are messages may be delivered at a later date. It is a good idea to delete hard and soft bounces from the mailing list after a certain number of bounces. You have to decide the toleration limit for hard bounces and soft bounces. After the limit of bounces, you have to clean up the addresses which are bouncing. There are enough reasons why the bouncing emails should be deleted. It is a waste of valuable time to send mails to this bouncing mail list. Another reason is that you may get into real trouble if you repeatedly send messages to a bouncing email ID. The ISP may black list your email address and block all the messages send from that email address. These are the reasons to check doctor email list.
You have to keep your email list error free.

It is important to unsubscribe and subscribe to manage all requests by the potential customers. This is very much important if the users are not automatically subscribed or signed off. If you do not unsubscribe requests by the addressees immediately to your email it will be treated as spam by the ISP's. All the requests must subscribe to potential customers and your mailing list immediately credited to avoid unwanted blocking of your email address. You must verify the email lists before you buy email lists. You should remove the email addresses that bounce regularly. You should personalize your message to each one of them to make them feel that your message is not a spam. You can experience the difference in the response using this method. Email marketing is the wave of the future so when dealing with the various issues involved, remember to stay informed by reviewing the doctor email list.

Buy Email Lists For Marketing Online

There is lot of scope for business online as many customers now prefer for online shopping from the comfort of their home. So to reach out that huge customer base it is important that you make your presence online with a functional and appealing website to promote your products or services online. However, you should remember that as there is lot of competition online you also need to promote your website to attract the online traffic for which you can actually checkout with the email marketing strategies that are very effective as well as affordable maximizing your returns and help you in reaching out the targeted customers.

So to send across emails for your online promotion you can look out for the company offering email marketing services that provide you with different packages with email lists like worldwide email list, US email list, Australia email list etc for you to select the listings to which you would like to send across your promotional material online. All the lists provided by the email services company are quite genuine and regularly updated who are interested to receive promotional material to know about different products and services being offered in the market. So you can easily buy emails lists for your online marketing campaign and can actually download the data by making the payments online for the email lists.

In the worldwide email list package you get data from different countries like the facebook user profile with email list, targeted email lists, business mailing lists, consumer email lists, marketing lists and so on that includes different categories like corporate, doctors, business people, IT professionals, students, education data and so on. Based on the people who would be interested in your product or services and also the geographical location where you would like to reach out you can actually send in your promotion material using this email data.

As you buy bulk email lists you can filter the data with convenient database management tool and start using the information for your marketing strategy and boost your sales online. Moreover, the email services company not only offer you to buy bulk email lists but also extend their support and services to create attractive newsletters on your behalf and send them across to all your targeted customers saving you lot of time. You can check out their packages and prices for the email marketing services which are actually designed to suit different customers needs for you to find one that suits your interests and budget.

There is lot of scope for business online as many customers now prefer for online shopping from the comfort of their home. So to reach out that huge customer base it is important that you make your presence online with a functional and appealing website to promote your products or services online. However, you should remember that as there is lot of competition online you also need to promote your website to attract the online traffic for which you can actually checkout with the email marketing strategies that are very effective as well as affordable maximizing your returns and help you in reaching out the targeted customers.

So to send across emails for your online promotion you can look out for the company offering email marketing services that provide you with different packages with email lists like worldwide email list, US email list, Australia email list etc for you to select the listings to which you would like to send across your promotional material online. All the lists provided by the email services company are quite genuine and regularly updated who are interested to receive promotional material to know about different products and services being offered in the market. So you can easily buy emails lists for your online marketing campaign and can actually download the data by making the payments online for the email lists.

In the worldwide email list package you get data from different countries like the facebook user profile with email list, targeted email lists, business mailing lists, consumer email lists, marketing lists and so on that includes different categories like corporate, doctors, business people, IT professionals, students, education data and so on. Based on the people who would be interested in your product or services and also the geographical location where you would like to reach out you can actually send in your promotion material using this email data.

As you buy bulk email lists you can filter the data with convenient database management tool and start using the information for your marketing strategy and boost your sales online. Moreover, the email services company not only offer you to buy bulk email lists but also extend their support and services to create attractive newsletters on your behalf and send them across to all your targeted customers saving you lot of time. You can check out their packages and prices for the email marketing services which are actually designed to suit different customers needs for you to find one that suits your interests and budget.

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buy email listAn electronic mailing list is a special usage of email that allows and opens up widespread distribution of information to many internet users. It is very much similar to traditional mailing list. There are two types of mailing list, one is announcement lists and other is discussion lists. The main difference is that only list owner or editor can send messages through announcement lists, while discussion lists are interactive that allows any list member to post messages for distribution to the entire list with or without any moderation. Announcement lists are often used for email newsletters, special offers and other alerts, while discussion lists are used to create virtual communities where groups of people can come together and discuss on various topics. E-mail lists are also an essential part of commercial opt in the email marketing.

Email lists communication has become a part of daily life for many people. Whether for receiving updates about a favorite product, reading an online newsletter or discussing new approaches to managing a health challenge, individuals, businesses and organizations communicate through email lists on every day purpose. The benefit of email lists is that they can quickly and effectively distribute messages to a large number of people who have explicitly requested to receive the information are known as subscribers. The terms opt-in or permission-based email lists are used to refer to this type of communication. Email lists compilation task includes address standardization, merge or purge, list updating, customer list enhancement, suppression and key coding.

Mailing list depends on creating a database of prospective customers, creative database of invitees for seminars, conferences and other events, database of suppliers and retailers, and many other vendors. It also depends on enlarging a database of business contacts and creating a database of other parties related to your business. The alternative is to buy a physical copy of a list of email addresses, after you pay the purchase price, there are no rental fees to pay. You can only send your promotional message as often as you like to the list.

Buying an email list is the most beneficial way of doing marketing, by sending mails to several clients and doing marketing to the company is one such thing that boosts the business aggressively. So, by building your own list of people who have asked to get your emails takes a lot of patience.

Successful email marketing is very closely associated with the idea of permission. Therefore, people respond well to emails they asked for. If they did not ask for them, they might not respond well. The less expected or wanted your email, the more likely you are to get labeled a spammer. So how can someone expect will be the emails is that one can send to your newly acquired list? You know from the above that the addresses are not likely to be as targeted as you hope, so your email is probably going to be irrelevant and irrelevancy is another reason recipients give for reporting a sender as a spammer. In rare cases, some addresses signed up to the original list knowing their email address would signed up to the original list and knowing their email address would be passed on to third parties.

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Email List Marketing Secrets - How To Build A Responsive Email List

The money is really is in the list, so why are you treating your email list like your in-laws. Simply tolerating them just to get what you want. Successful online marketers understand that the hidden secrets to effective email list marketing starts with the quality of your connection to your list.

Effective email list marketing is one of the most important pieces to network marketing success online. If you are not building a list or not taking care of the one you have you might as well be throwing money out the window. It's as simple as that. The thing is, even if you're able to build a massive list, itdoesn'tmatter unless you know how to do the following:

Understand the power of email copywriting

Understand the importance of building relationships

With so much focus put into online lead generation, it can be difficult to figure out what to do with those leads once you've gotten them. Maximizing your profits online comes down to building a responsive email list and if you follow the hidden secrets I am going to lay out for you, you'll be able to make every subscriber count.

Look, it took me months to learn how to my create an effective email list marketing campaign and to get my list to "respond" to me. I had leads that I had no clue what to do with. I was scared to engage with them on a personal level via email and even more scared to pick up the phone and call them. I've been there, so don't feel bad if you've been neglecting your email list as well. It's just that no one taught you how to build your list the right way.

So How Do You Build A Responsive Email List?

1. Getting Started

Let's get into the basics of the email list marketing blueprint. To use these tips you need to actually have an email list. If you are not building your list yet, get started by using an autoresponder service like Aweber to manage your leads and the messages that get sent out. You can sign up for the $1 trial and start having them manage your subscribers and your messages.

Here's a really great training tutorial if you are looking for more information on How To Build A List.

The most crucial aspect to building your list is to actually determine what you want to get out of your list. Do you want to turn leads in to more reps for your network marketing opportunity? Are you an affiliate marketing that is looking to promote a number of different products and or services in a particular niche? Maybe you just want to build a pool of customers. Every email you write must have a very specific purpose so know what it is that you want to achieve before you send out your first email message.

2. Follow Up vs. Brodcast Messages

Now speaking of email is extremely important NOT to use pre-canned follow up messages. I started building my email list with months of "default" messages from the lead generation system I was a part of and it literally killed my list. As many people as I had subscribing I had unsubscribing as well. As I was opting in to other marketers lists, I noticed that I was sending out the same emails as they were. Then it clicked! As I learned the hard way, you develop a strong list by building a more personal relationship with your subscribers. You need to let your subscribers in and the sooner you open up the more they'll be able to connect with you on a personal level that in turn opens them up to trusting your recommendations and requests.

Your email list is your most valuable asset and you need to treat it like the precious gem that it is! Make sure that you are supplying your list with fresh content that is unique to you. This will attract more people to you and you will also be branding yourself while providing tons of value. You want people to opt-in because of YOU!

3. Write Hypnotic Copy

How you write your emails will determine how much money you make from your email list. Just as you would in an article or blog post, you must have a subject that grabs your readers attention. It must stand out like a shiny new penny amongst the heap of junk and trash that inundates our email boxes daily. If you don't have a hypnotic headline then no one is even going to read what you wrote and they sure aren't going to get to what you are promoting. So you need to have a kick butt subject line and email content that piques curiosity and has your target wanting more.

Here are some of my most effective email messages where I got open rates over 30%. They are either questions or a topic that didn't really even have anything to do with the content that was inside the email.

You Want To Make Money Right?

Vegas Bound...

30 Seconds To Reveal The Leaks In Your Business

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

What made these subject lines effective was that they engaged the reader by asking them a question or it got them curious enough about what the email was about to go ahead and open it. Yoursubjectlines don't have to be totally random, just play around with new ideas and concepts. Think about the emails you open and which ones you trash, then model your headlines after what gets you to take action.

4. Email Your List Often

The truth is this...I buy from people who email me often! Maybe it's those extra exposures, or the fact that I feel like I have a better "relationship" with them or know them better. It may even be that I just learned more from them because they were constantly sending me high quality content. But whatever the reason, I know that I tend to buy from people who send me more than the occasional email....And since this is what I respond to I am looking for the same type of people. I'm looking for the type of people who are hungry about learning, who want to know more, I'm looking for people who are serious about building their business, committed to moving toward success each and every day and actually want to hear from me every day.

Look, my feelings are never hurt when people unsubscribe from my list because those people are not the type of people I am looking to connect with. If you can't handle the daily value I provide, then move on to another list. It's up to you how often you want to email your list. I choose to email my list almost every day. As with everything else in life do what feels comfortable to you AND what you can do maintain with a level of consistency. Just keep in mind that it is your duty to give your subscribers regular value so there is not doubt in their mind just how committed you are to them and to your online business.

5. Use The Secrecy Factor

Always use "the secrecy factor". Why? Because it works!! The secrecy factor will make peoplewantto click on your links. For example:

"NAME, can you believe it. Look at what they've been hiding from us. This is so top secret that I am not sure how much longer the video is going to be up and it's probably going to be taken down any minute now."

This works because people like to discover, uncover and unlock "secrets"...especially when they think no one else is looking. LOL! It's just human nature!

What Can You Start Doing Tomorrow For More Effective Email List Marketing?

Introduce yourself to your list. Send them an introductory email telling them a little bit about who you are, your story, your purpose and where you are going with your business. Your list needs to know the person behind the email.

Know when you are going to send out your emails. Develop an routine and be consistent.

Make sure you are staying in front of your readers and subscribers.

Use a call to action! If you are going to make money from your list, you have to ask them to buy. Some people are so afraid to ask their list to take action. If you never ask, you'll never receive.

Take the time to research email marketing strategies that work. Not everything that works for one persons list will work on yours. So continue to learn new tricks, expand your knowledge base about copy writing and effective email list marketing and try new things out.

Even the smallest of lists can make huge profits. It's about knowing what to say, keeping your subscribers engaged and knowing what it is that you want to do with your list. Effective email list marketing is not as scary as you think. Take baby steps and above all else make sure you are actively connecting and strengthening your relationships with your subscribers. The stronger your relationships, the more money you will make!

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Buy Email Lists For Marketing That Generate Leads For Your Business

The online platform has become highly competitive for new businesses to establish their brand and visibility online to reach out the targeted customers to promote their products or services. Hence it has become mandatory to lookout for other online marketing techniques that increases traffic to your website to generate the business revenues. As online promotion through your website is not enough you can now check out with the buy bulk email lists that helps you to reach out various client base that you have not yet touched as part of your marketing strategies. Moreover, if you are having a global business you can easily have access across the globe through targeted email lists to promote your business on the international level.

You can buy targeted email list of worldwide, US email list, UK email list, Australia email list and so on depending on the audience that you would like to reach out for your business. There are many advantages with the buy email lists for marketing as they are quiet affordable compared to other marketing medium like newspapers, billboards, radio ads, print advertising etc which are very expensive but you cannot know the mileage actually generated by them. Here as you send the emails to the targeted audience you can be sure about 20 to 50% returns on your promotion investments and is also an easy way to reach out targeted audience. You can also in fact track the emails and also have a feedback from the customers by including a form and also check out for the visitors who have actually visited your site using the backup links on the emails.

However, to become successful with the email marketing strategy it is important that you find reliable company who offer genuine and regularly updated list of email addresses of people by filtering who are really interested in your business products or services. The companies offering to buy targeted email list services also take up the responsibility of actually forwarding your newsletters to the people and tracking the mileage generated by them leaving you to concentrate on other aspects of your business while they increase the traffic to your websites.

So based on the regions that you would like to promote your brand check out for the various email database packages offered in affordable prices to enjoy the leads generated through this bulk online email marketing techniques.

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Get Leads For Your Business With Email List

If you are operating an online business, regardless of whether it is for selling some stuff or as a part of the affiliate program, there are chances that you might be facing some difficulty in attracting the targeted traffic to your portal. Even though, it is true that banner advertisements, PPC and SEO technique can bring you new and potential customers, but if you are looking for more and more leads, what can be done?

Email marketing is pointed out as the best way to help businesses in developing a healthy relationship with their existing and prospective customers. When you continue your communication with your present customers, they will get a sense of loyalty and this in turn will increase the chances of repeated customers to your business. You can also send communications as a means of following up, or for notifying your customers about any promotional offers or for generation of new business and sales too.

Nowadays, thousands of affiliate marketers have rightly understood the power of buying bulk email list as they can get the chance to create thousands of leads for their affiliate business. However, when you intend to buy email lists for marketing, it is better to check whether you are actually purchasing the opt-in directories. There are companies that have this list to help businesses in the UK, Australia, USA and even they have the directory of emails of people of many other countries of the world like India and Singapore too. So, regardless of the country from where you are operating, you should carefully select a company dealing with opt-in list.

The most important benefit of having opt-in email list is that there will not be any complaint that your communication is a spam and there are also chances of better improvement in the conversion rate for your website.

As these opt-in email lists would have the mail IDs of people, who have given their mail IDs out of their own interest for getting updates about different businesses, they will not send your communication to the spam folder.

Even these companies selling them will have the targeted list and so you can buy targeted email list from them. When you buy targeted email list, you can rightly reach the targeted audience. In other words, you can get the list as per your business goal. For instance, if you wish to reach out accountant in the USA, you can get the opportunity to buy email lists for marketing as per your requirement.

In case you have just about any questions concerning where by and also how to utilize buy email list, you possibly can email us from our website.

How TO Buy An Email List

Email remains the best way to communicate with users and prospects. Problem is, buying email lists is fraught with dangers, as spammy tactics tend to anger the very people you want to reach out to.
Howard Greenstein gives great pointers over at
Here are the main takeaways:

Don't just buy a list and start emailing people. 1) It's evil. 2) It's counterproductive: people will be angry to receive your materials if they haven't opted in. 3) We'd add that in some jurisdictions, this could be illegal.

Work with the list provider to increase your own list. Ask her to send one or two emails to her own list asking for people to sign up for your own list.

Don't pay for the whole list -- only the subscribers you get. If your provider has 5000 subscribers, don't pay for the 5000, but only the ones who actually sign up for your list. Most mailing list software lets you sort lists into subgroups, and that way you can tell who actually signed up.
Good stuff. Read the whole thing.

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Ashley Madison's 'doomsday scenario' is now a reality
The owner of adultery website Ashley Madison had already been struggling to sell itself or raise funds for at least three years before the publication of details about its members, according to internal documents and emails also released by hackers as part of their assault on the company in recent weeks.
Some unnamed investors wanted out; multiple attempts to close a deal or raise funds failed, and a public market debut looked increasingly unlikely, the documents show.
Avid Life Media announced on Friday that CEO Noel Biderman, who founded the website in 2001, had left the company with immediate effect, the latest sign of the wrenching impact on the company of the attack that led to the disclosure of sensitive data about millions of clients.
In an April 2015 letter addressed to all its investors, closely held Avid Life acknowledged that some investors had pressed it to improve liquidity so they could sell shares. The company said it would buy back up to $10 million worth of shares.
"Over the last couple of years, we have not been successful in exploring various alternatives including a sale of the business and seeking debt from third parties," said the letter signed by the board of directors.
Reuters could not independently verify the authenticity of the email messages and internal documents.
Avid Life did not respond to repeated requests for comment. Members of the company's board also could not be reached for comment. Biderman was not reachable by phone.
The attack has likely sharply lowered the price Avid Life could muster in any sale of assets, assuming it could find a buyer willing to take on a company facing several multimillion-dollar lawsuits and the challenge of rebuilding a computer network that has been so badly infiltrated.
Bankers told Reuters last month - before the massive disclosure of its customers' information - that a full data dump would create a "doomsday scenario" for the company, and kill any IPO plan.
Several messages show that Biderman was trying to secure a meeting with executives at media mogul Barry Diller's IAC/InterActive Corp, whose biggest online-dating assets, including and Tinder, are being prepared for a public-market spin-off. Biderman's goal was to start acquisition talks with the much larger rival.
"They would be CRAZY not to speak with us," wrote Biderman in February this year. And in May: "If there was ever a moment to have a 'private' meeting with Diller, it is now."
REUTERS/Mark BlinchA photo illustration shows the privacy policy of the Ashley Madison website and a smartphone running the Ashley Madison app in Toronto, August 20, 2015.
But in an email message later forwarded to Biderman by an intermediary, one IAC director, Bryan Lourd, was blunt about the chances IAC might buy Ashley Madison: "They don't want it."
IAC declined to comment "on rumors and speculation about transactions."
Avid Life in April said it was considering an initial public offering in London, at a $1 billion valuation, with company executives expressing hope in media interviews that European investors would prove more understanding of the controversial business than those in North America.
The emails show that Biderman received an informal approach in May from Cliff Lerner, the CEO of Snap Interactive Inc, which owns the online dating site Lerner suggested a reverse takeover and a Nasdaq listing.
A spokesman for Snap said Lerner had a short back-and-forth email conversation with Avid Life representatives, but ultimately decided a deal wouldn't work.
By June, Biderman called the IPO a "long shot" in one email. He told an acquaintance, who helped put other companies� financing deals together, that he was looking to raise between $50 million and $75 million in debt.
REUTERS/Bobby YipAshley Madison founder Noel Biderman poses during an interview in Hong Kong, August 28, 2013.
Similar efforts had fallen through before. Avid Life had a letter of intent from Fortress Credit Corp, part of Fortress Investment Group LLC, to borrow $43 million in September 2013, the documents the hackers released show, but the deal never went through.
"I can confirm that the proposed loan you referenced did not close," Gordon Runt�, head of investor and media relations at Fortress, said in response to queries, declining to comment further on the reasons.
Avid Life had intended to use some of that cash to pay a dividend to its shareholders, the proposal, dated September 6, 2013, showed.
It also received a term sheet for a $40 million three-year loan from GMP Securities, a Canadian investment bank, in 2012.
GMP said the deal was not completed, and it has never loaned Avid Life any money. It declined to specify why.
The emails also show that Avid Life came close to selling itself at least three times in 2012.
In one instance, a deal with Canadian billionaire Alex Shnaider and frozen-yogurt mogul Michael Serruya fell apart because of CEO Biderman's "difficult and very demanding" personality, according to an email from the potential buyers. Two other attempted deals, with a boutique investment bank and a private equity firm, also fell apart.
Shnaider confirmed that he and Serruya wanted to strike a deal to acquire Avid Life and had agreement in principle to buy it. �We didn�t feel comfortable, at the end of the day, going through with the deal,� he said.
A spokesperson for Serruya did not immediately return calls.
(Editing by Amran Abocar and Martin Howell)
Read the original article on Reuters. Copyright 2015. Follow Reuters on Twitter.
More from Reuters:

China environment bureau says Coca-Cola bottling plant falsified pollution data

New Mexico police hunt suspect in shooting of officer

China says outflows normal, no panic capital flight

Election puts Poland's ties with EU, Germany at risk

Philippine police say suspects in shooting of China diplomats to be given immunity

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Alleged insider trading ring involving press releases

AMC screencapFederal authorities made arrests this morning in a case involving an alleged insider trading ring that hacked several thousand press releases containing market-moving information.
The US Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey and the US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York today announced the criminal charges against five defendants.

Ivan Turchynov (a 27-year-old Ukrainian resident/alleged hacker)

Oleksandr Ireemenko (a 22-year-old Ukranian resident/alleged hacker)

Arkadity Dubovoy (trader from Alpharetta, Georgia)

Igor Duboyvoy (trader from Alpharetta, Georgia)

Pavel Dubovoy (trader from Ukraine)
The indictment also lists four unnamed co-conspirators residing in New York, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.
In a parallel action, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced civil charges against 32 defendants in the "unprecedented" alleged scheme. The alleged ring, which included folks in Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus, France, and the US state of New York, Georgia, and Pennsylvania- made more than $100 million in illicit profits, the SEC said.
Prosecutors believe that since February 2010 the two Ukranian hackers gained entry to newswire systems and swiped around 150,000 press releases containing access to sensitive information about company deals and earnings prior to their public release.
The victim newswires-PRNewswire, Marketwired, and BusinessWire-are in the business of disseminating information on behalf of companies such as Bank of America, Boeing, Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard, Netflix, Panera Bread and Texas Instruments.
According to prosecutors, the traders allegedly emailed "shopping lists" to the hackers of desired targets. The hackers then shared the stolen information with others in the ring to buy and sell shares ahead of market-moving news. The indictment said that theDubovoy group in the US allegedly netted $30 million in ill-gotten gains.
Here's a breakdown of some of the alleged trades:


NOW WATCH: Animated map renames states for countries with similar GDPs

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Wal-Mart's in-store pickup is surprisingly inconvenient

Thomson ReutersIn a bid to compete with Amazon, Wal-Mart has been investing more in in-store pickup programs, which allow customers to shop online and pick up their purchases at stores.

In-store pickup is supposed to make shopping easier, by allowing customers to skip lines and get their items right away without having to pay higher rates for shipping.
But I recently tried Wal-Mart's in-store pickup, and I was shocked by how inconvenient it was.
I was in the market for a Fitbit, so I compared prices online and found the lowest price at

At $78.52, the price was $1 cheaper than Amazon's and more than $20 cheaper than Best Buy's.
So I decided to go with Wal-Mart.
I wanted the Fitbit that same day, but I was afraid that the price would be higher in the stores. (I was right - when I went to pick up my purchase, I walked by the electronics department and saw that it was listed for $99).
Business InsiderThe Fitbit Flex was listed as $78.52 on and $99 on the store shelf.So I made the purchase on last Thursday, and selected the option for in-store pickup.

Wal-Mart sent me an order confirmation immediately that said I would receive another email when my Fitbit was ready for pickup.
I expected it to be ready within minutes. How long could it take for someone to pull the item from shelves?
But more than three hours passed before I got the email saying my order was ready. It was close to 9 p.m. at that point, so I decided to wait until the following day to pick it up.
When I arrived at Wal-Mart on Friday, I was expecting to pick up the Fitbit at the front of the store and be on my way home within minutes.

Instead, I was directed to a department labeled that was located all the way in the back of the store. (This isn't unusual - according to Wal-Mart's website, the pickup areas are typically located towards the back of stores).
This surprised me. I thought the purpose of the in-store pickup option was convenience.
As I walked through the store, I passed the electronics department and spotted the Fitbit. I decided last minute that I wanted a blue Fitbit instead of the black one I picked out online, so I grabbed the gadget from the shelf and continued walking toward the department, hoping for an easy exchange.

Once there, I stood in line for about 15 minutes. There was only one associate at the register and a customer ahead of me had a problem with his order.
When it was finally my turn, I pulled up the confirmation email on my phone and displayed a bar code for the associate to scan.
She told me the scanner didn't work, so I read the 13-digit confirmation code aloud to her.
Once she found my order, I asked her if I could exchange it with the Fitbit I pulled from the shelf. It was the same exact product, just in a different color.

She said that the store inventory and inventory are separate, so I would have to get refunded for my online purchase and then go to the front of the store to buy the Fitbit I grabbed from the shelf.
"They are the exact same product," I said. "Why can't I just go home with the one from the shelf?"
She advised me to talk to customer service.
The color wasn't important enough to me to spend any more time waiting in line in the store, so I decided to just go home - 30 minutes later - with the original Fitbit I had ordered online.

The whole experience was only mildly annoying, but it was enough of an inconvenience to persuade me never to use Wal-Mart's in-store pickup again. And after some research, I discovered that other customers have had similar experiences with Wal-Mart's in-store pickup.

In retrospect, I should have paid the extra $1 to purchase the Fitbit at Amazon and waited an extra day to get it delivered for free to my doorstep.
We reached out to Wal-Mart for this story and will update when we hear back.

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Arrests tie Florida college buddies to cyberattack

Thomson ReutersJP Morgan Chase & Co sign outside headquarters in New YorkFour arrests made on Tuesday in two separate cases-one involving penny stocks and the other an underground Bitcoin exchange-might tie back to last year's massive cyberattack against JPMorgan Chase, Bloomberg News reports.

Two people were arrested in Israel and the other two were arrested in Florida. One person is still at large.

The JPMorgan cyberattack is not mentioned in any of the indictments.
What's striking about these two separate cases is that they can be connected by a friendship that goes back a decade to Florida State University, Bloomberg News pointed out.
Anthony Murgio, 31, was arrested in Florida and charged with running an unlicensed Bitcoin exchange. He was also charged with one count of money laundering.

Joshua S. Aaron, a 31-year-old American citizen who resides in Tel Aviv and Moscow, faces multiple charges related to an alleged penny stock scheme. Aaron is the one who remains at large.
On what appears to be Murgio's personal website, he mentions his friend Aaron, who he said "showed me the ropes to online marketing."

Murgio and Aaron were both mentioned in an FBI memo from October 2014 regarding the JPMorgan hack, the Bloomberg report said. Bloomberg News noted that it was asked not to report about the memo earlier this year because it might impact the FBI's investigation.
The JPMorgan breach
Last year, JPMorgan said that 76 million households and 7 million small businesses may have had their data compromised in a cyberattack. At the time, the bank said that that the hackers had access to customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

No customer money was lost. The bank also said there was no indication that account numbers, passwords, user IDs, dates of birth or Social Security numbers were compromised.
That attack was so massive though that it was even believed that the Russian government may have been behind it.
Millions of penny stock emails
US DOJThese are the charges the trio faces.The US Attorney's Office in New York charged Gery Shalon, Joshua Samuel Aaron, and Zvi Orenstein for their roles in an alleged multi-million dollar penny stock pump-and-dump that goes back to 2011.

Shalon, 31, and Orenstein, 41, were arrested in Israel by the Israel Police.
Aaron hasn't been arrested. Bloomberg pointed out that his wife shared photos on Instagram of them in St. Petersburg, Russia just a couple of days ago. We've also sent an email to Aaron seeking comment.
The Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed civil charges against the trio.

Shalon, who used the aliases "Phillipe Mousset" and "Christopher Engeham," and Aaron, who went by "Mike Shields," allegedly wrote emails that Shalon allegedly disseminated through "their possession of vast email lists," the SEC said. Orenstein, who went by "Aviv Stein" and"John Avery", is accused of handling brokerage accounts using the aliases.

Authorities said that they sent spam emails to millions of people daily that contained "materially false" and "fraudulent" statements about the microcap companies based in Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, and California. They also allegedly used about 20 promotional sites to tout these stocks.

"These promotional campaigns frequently urged people to buy shares of the promoted issuers without properly disclosing that the promoters themselves owned shares of these issuers and, contrary to their exhortations to readers of their emails to buy shares, intended to sell those shares immediately," the SEC alleged in its complaint.

The Florida arrests
The US Attorney's Office in New York also arrested and charged Florida residents Anthony Murgio, 31, and Yuri Lebedev, 37, for allegedly running an unlicensed Bitcoin exchange that "exchanged at least $1.8 million for Bitcoins on behalf of tens of thousands of customers."
Murgio and Lebedev are accused of "knowingly operated, a Bitcoin exchange service, in violation of federal anti-money laundering (�AML�) laws and regulations," the US Attorney's Office in New York said.

Murgio and his co-conspirators are also accused of having "knowingly exchanged cash for Bitcoins for victims of 'ransomware' attacks, that is, cyberattacks in which criminals (here, distributors of the ransomware known as 'Cryptowall') electronically block access to a victim�s computer system until a sum of 'ransom' money, typically in Bitcoins, is paid to them."

The US Attorney's Office alleged that the pair hid the illegal exchange under the guise that they were operating a business called the "Collectables Club," a members-only group for people to buy and sell collectibles like sports memorabilia.
Public records show a number of fictitious businesses registered to Murgio, including the "Collectables Club." The records also show that in 2013 he was hit with felony charges for allegedly not paying $110,000 in sales taxes for a a restaurant he owned.

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