Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Database and Application Fundamentals - Academic Initiative by IBM

latest mailing databaseOne of IBM�s latest tests would be the 000-302 which more commonly known as the DB29 Database and Application Fundamentals - Academic Initiative.
This test can only taken be via the Academic Initiative Program and isn�t available at any Authorized Prometric Testing Centres. There are currently two versions to the test, the 302 and the 302A. The 302 version was released in December 2010, whilst the 302A was released in July 2011.

There are 9 sections to this test and each carries their own percentages which sum up to 100%. The first section would be Relational Database Concepts and weighs 12% of the test. You must exhibit your understanding of the designs of Data, Data Model and Information Model.

You must also prove your knowledge on Database Managements Systems and its advantages. The next section carries 20% of the test and is called Introduction to DB2 and Data Studio 000-302 questions. You will be asked to explain everything and anything you know about DB2 such as the different versions of DB2, the administrative tools and data movement tools used and etc.

The third section�s topic is working with SQL and Database Objects and like the second section, this part also carries 20%. To prepare for this part, you have to be familiar with basic characteristics of DB2 objects and you must be able to use DDL SQL statement to create, edit and delete.

The fourth section takes up 8% of the test is called Date Concurrency and Locking where you will be tested on transaction knowledge and the Acid properties. The following section is also 8% of the exam and is known as Database Security. You must depict the DB2 authorization and authentication methods plus your knowledge on Label-Based Access Controls.

The sixth section and please bear with me, I�m almost done, is the DB2 Backup and Recovery section which weighs 8%. You will be required to demonstrate the types of DB2 logging plus the recovery operations of DB2. The following section carries 7% and is entitled DB2pureXML.

All you�ve to do here is prove that you understand XML, XPath and XLST and how these three technologies are connected. The final two sections are DB2 Application Development which weighs 12% and Troubleshooting which weighs a mere 2%.
Once you�ve covered all of the 9 topics above, you should find this test simple and constructive.

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